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We are a group of neighbouring Farmers and Commoners who are working together to understand how best to manage our land alongside our farming businesses for the benefit of the environment.  We believe that we can continue to farm and produce food on these fells. Combining the best of modern farming and traditional practices to ensure we produce healthy, sustainable food alongside a rich biodiverse landscape which allows nature to thrive and flourish.



Both farmer initiated and farmer led, the group was awarded funding from the Yorkshire Dales National Park Farming in Protected Landscapes pot in Autumn 2021. This helped to formalise the structure of the group and bring on a part-time facilitator to organise meetings, we are now able to pay speakers and attend farm visits across the County.



Orton Fell Farm Cluster


The map is highlighting the groups contiguous landholding around Tebay and Orton Village. We are looking for farmers to work with us within this area and hopefully fill in the gaps. 

All our farms are in the Westmorland Dales, with the Coast to Coast path running very close. 

Most of the farms fall within the river Lune catchment, which discharges into Morecambe Bay.




With help and support from a variety of advisors, research specialists, agencies and individuals we are continuing to learn and develop our management practices to enhance and connect biodiversity and natural habitats throughout our group.

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