Our group came together to protect our community and environment through a better understanding of our agricultural management practices and their impact on our soil health. 


Orton Fell Farm Cluster

We are a group of 8 neighboring Farmers and Commoners who are working together to understand how best to manage our land alongside our farming businesses for the benefit of the environment.  We believe that we can continue to farm and produce food on these fells. Combining the best of modern farming and traditional practices to ensure we produce healthy, sustainable food alongside a rich biodiverse landscape which allows nature to thrive and flourish.

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With help and support from a variety of advisors, research specialists, agencies and individuals we are continuing to learn and develop our management practices to enhance and connect biodiversity and natural habitats throughout our group.


How to get involved

If you would like to learn more about what we are doing or how you can get involved please do follow us on social media or get in touch at ortonfells@gmail.comWe hold regular events some of which are open to non-members.


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