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Orton Wildlife Landscapes (OWLS)

Orton Wildlife Landscapes (OWLS) is an newly formed off shoot from the Orton Fells Farm Cluster. OWLS is an environmentally focused community group with an exciting array of meetings and activities in 2024 (see below). We are hoping that we can mutually support each other in improving the wider landscape through education and volunteering opportunities. The Orton Fells Farm Cluster are keen to support the OWLS group in any way they can, as well as educate the local community on current farming practices.  Watch this space for a volunteering programme coming this Winter November 24 - March 25 to plant trees and hedges as part of the wildlife corridor initiative through the Orton Farm Cluster. Please see the programme below for more details or email

Check out the first OWLS newsletter here 

owls events 2024.png
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