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Our Farm Stories 


Graeme is a 4th generation farmer in the Orton Fells, with land either side of the M6.

As part of the Cluster group, we have been working with Nethergill Associates, because of this Graeme is working towards his MSO "Maximum Sustainable Output". This means considering that increased production levels does not mean an increase in profit, due to a greater need for corrective inputs such as concentrate feeds and fertilisers that can eat away at your profit margin.

Graeme is looking towards a lower input system with lower stocking levels, whilst increasing profitability. He has dropped his breeding sheep numbers from 900 to 650 in the last 6 years, and still produces the same number of lambs. 

Graeme has halved his fertiliser inputs, only applying fertiliser when needed to boost his meadow pasture for silage. The rest of his rougher pasture now has no fertiliser, and is in environmental schemes to manage successional areas and scrub. Enhancing habitat for a wide range of wildlife. 

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